Burgers and Billhooks:

Posted on October 5th, 2017 in General News by Mr Dingley

This week we started off Forest School by exploring boundaries and how we can adapt them to create changes within a game. Using markers the children were given 3 seconds to run from a middle point, they then had to place the marker on the floor. This would create a circular area (sort of) with which we could play our game of Tig inside. The children then experimented with 2 seconds and then 1, to create areas of different size, which of course challenged them each time to think about where to move and how to win! The children are beginning to show a great understanding of how they can control and affect how to structure and play a game and also how they can devise rules that they are comfortable with!

A group of children wanted to climb the tree in the far corner of the school ground so Miss Fisher supervised them.

Another group wanted to continue developing their shelter which I have to say looks very impressive, the branch and leaf coverage over the top have made it almost waterproof so the children lay blankets on the floor and thought through ways in which they could make it more homely!

Another child found space next to the shelter and ‘moved in’ creating an open plan shelter alongside. This soon turned into ‘neighbours at war’ which each side collecting weapons to protect

their homes

A small group of children learned how to use Billhook knives this week, a knife that was used to split wood down the middle. We were running short on wood for the fire so this served as an excellent opportunity to prepare the wood so we could eat. The children did an excellent job, carefully listening to instructions and sensibly working together to split the wood into lots of smaller pieces.

At snack time we enjoyed Burgers in a bun. The fire stayed alight for long enough thanks to the prepared wood and the burgers tasted delicious!

A number of children decided to be creative and made a wonderful spider’s web.

Next week:

Both groups requested a team ‘den building’ competition with the children acting as judges. They have also requested Pizza I will try my hardest to sort that out!

Mr Cross

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  1.   Naomi Wilkinson said,

    on October 9th, 2017 at 8:48 pm     Reply

    Jenny has really enjoyed forest school! Such a great thing to bring into the school 🙂 very impressed with the activities she’s been doing 🙂 thankyou!!!!

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